Wednesday, February 2, 2011


"The blue-eyed blonde is
stepping aside"
Assistant editor Kanika Gahlaut talks to Sunny Leone, Penthouse Pet of the Year 2003, who has various Sunny "shrines" devoted to her on the Net.
Q. Has the Indian community accepted you after your success as a mainstream porn star?
 Since I am one of the very few who have made it this far, the Indian community was a little shocked at first. But now the community has accepted me and it loves me. It is great to go to Indian functions and be literally welcomed with open arms. It is a great feeling that Indian women are accepting their sexuality and being more open-minded. Women ask me questions ranging from sexual issues to simply how to shave their legs. I have been in the industry for about five years now and have had fun every minute. It is a great experience and hopefully I will get a break in Bollywood and work in India.
Q. Why have desi girls and desi porn suddenly become hot on the Net?
 There is a niche for everything in the porn world and maybe the blue-eyed blonde is just stepping aside. People are interested in Indian culture and, as the world knows, India has some of the most beautiful women.
Q. What is the profile of your fans like? 
 I have fans from all around the world. What is great is that more and more people of the Indian community are finding out who I am. I get nothing but positive feedback on how I am changing things in our culture and making it okay for women to express themselves.

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